According to a recent Forbes Insights survey of more than 200 chief information security officers, talent and training constraints tend to have a huge impact on security organizations. More importantly, the results showcased how enterprises with a siloed approach towards their security experienced greater negative impact compared to the ones with a more enterprise-wide, strategic approach.

Why is cybersecurity awareness training important for employees?

The answer is simple. If employees have no idea what a security threat looks like, how can they be expected to avoid it, or remove it, or even just report it? They obviously can’t.

Another important question is, don’t most of the companies today have firewalls and security software? If the answer is yes, then what are we discussing here? Problem solved, right? /p>

No. While they sure do possess some technology, it is in no way, enough. It is employees rather than technology that form the most common entry points for hackers and phishers.

As humans, your employees can easily mistake fake identities for real ones, get tempted by clickbait, and be vulnerable to other sneaky criminal tactics to accidentally give access to company information.

Of course, you can make sure these mistakes never happen in the first place – if only you have your employees participate in ethical hacking training and cybersecurity training programs!

Cyber Security: Not a One-time Thing, But a Culture

You have to invest in building a culture around the concept of cyber security. Make security awareness a necessity for every individual, every team working in your organization. Give reasons for why the adoption of security measures is important, be transparent with your workforce, educate them about the repercussions of even the tiniest security errors on their part.

What a company today needs, is extensive training sessions and workshops. It needs a general use report that would describe its cybersecurity risk management program, while verifying the effectiveness of its controls; it requires SOC for cybersecurity.

Cyber Octet is one such organization that you can trust with conducting workshops, seminars, and training sessions for companies and individuals all over the country. This PCI DSS compliant company was recently awarded ISO 27001 for its contributions in the field of cybersecurity.

They believe an organization should not just expect their employees to throw caution in the air – not before they’ve been given enough reasons to be cautious, and not before they’ve been taught exactly how to bear such caution.