Cyber Security For Industrial Control – The Need for the Hour!

Earlier this year, we witnessed Trump administration officials admitting to using aggressive cyber tools to digitally invade Russia’s electric grid. The US government has repeatedly warned Russians against using malware they have introduced to potentially destroy American oil and gas pipelines, power facilities, or water supplies, therefore this action is being pushed as long overdue.

Most recently, a Malware attack with North Korean origins put the Code & Systems of India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Station in serious jeopardy. Within three years of the plant’s operations beginning, a well-executed, sophisticated cyberattack was launched against it. What’s more concerning is that specialists have cautioned that this operation is not over; rather, it only represents a small portion of a much larger one. You can gain more knowledge regarding the same from Ethical hacking course in ahmedabad.

Another example involves two American academics from the University of Tulsa who broke into a wind farm in 2017. The single turbine in a wind farm was brought to a stop by the Proof-of-Concept Malware they created. They believe that it would have been simple to let it to spread from turbine to turbine, crippling the Farm as a whole. It appears that the only obstacle between the hacker and his goal of rendering an entire wind farm unusable was a straightforward tumbler lock!

Other Industries That Are Prone to Cyber Attacks

Small Businesses:

Since they lack the funds to invest in cybersecurity and protection, small businesses are the most frequent targets of cyberattacks. Attacks using malware and phishing are both typical tactics used by hackers. By pretending to be a merchant, attackers trick their victims into clicking a link that downloads their personal information.


Cyberattacks on the healthcare sector have increased by more than doubling over the past three to four years. It’s a growing cause for concern. Cybercriminals limit access to that Person’s and/or Organization’s own data and withhold it until a ransom is paid.

Government Agencies:

Government agencies are unsurprisingly another top target for ransomware attacks. They own a significant amount of sensitive information that is quite valuable. Attackers disturb cyber networks and systems in order to collect data and information. Government institutions can tell their employees to take a short Ethical hacking course in ahmedabad and help better protect their data.

Financial Institutions:

Banking organisations and financial institutions are more susceptible to malicious banking apps and app-based trojans. Here, cybercriminals fabricate a fake login page for a banking website in order to get the user’s login information.


Due to the increased use of technology in this area, malware attacks are becoming more common. Millions of students are affected by the computer system crash caused by attackers who also steal their personal information.

Each sector can help their employees take Ethical hacking course in ahmedabad and make themselves, Cyber Resilient.

How Should The Major Industries of the World Go On and Protect Themselves?

Oil, Gas, Windmills, Power Plants, Nuclear plants, Manufacturing systems etc. – are all vulnerable to hacking in today’s age. One of the major steps in securing a system is to detect anomalies in the data. This can be done through: Security Analytics (One of the most significant tools out there)

For example, we need Offshore operators in the oil and gas industry to collect as well as interpret operational data in real-time. But, without Security Analytics in place, their ability to determine whether their Data has been compromised or not is largely reduced.

Even with all the Right Security measures in place, a well-rounded solution still remains far from complete for an Enterprise. What we need, in addition, is a string of highly researched and developed comprehensive strategies to manage the day-to-day hacking risks. Today, the major industries of the world need a cybersecurity plan that perfectly aligns itself with their digital strategy.

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And, Lastly…

Every corporation must be concerned with safeguarding its own assets and operations, but they must also place greater emphasis on cooperating with other businesses to safeguard the industry to which they belong.