With the rise in the dependency on cloud computing services & the use of confidential data, the need for the monitoring of Networks / Data has also increased, to protect them from cyber crimes. Managed security service provider or MSSP is an ongoing 3rd-Party Security Service Provider that audits an organisation’s cyber risk management & security practices.

Reasons for choosing Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

  • For proper functioning of day-to-day organisation operations
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Computation & Network Monitoring
  • Data safety & protection compliance
  • Warning about threats & other suspicious activities 

How Managed Security Service Provider Reduces Organisation’s costs

Less Expenditure

MSSP lowers the cost of training as it constantly gets upgraded with the constant IT security development. It also reduces the investment & staffing cost as it monitors the network for vulnerabilities round-the-clock.

Focus more on business growth

MSSP takes care of the smooth functioning of the daily operations, thus giving more time to employees to focus on new development & concentrate on growing their business.

Distinct Proficiency and implementation

It provides cyber safety to an organisation. A MSSP constantly works on securing your network and data from cyber-attacks by giving you general advice that helps in proper implementation.

Improves transparency

It brings a sense of satisfaction & peace of mind among the management and stakeholders the communication gap among them is reduced. This is done by sharing important internal and external data that might go unnoticed. 

Benefits of using Managed Security Service Provider

  • The in-depth skill & knowledge of Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) help businesses in identifying issues related to cyber crimes that most businesses experience and eventually, manage problems by identifying solutions. This help businesses gain benefit & adopt new technology with full flexibility.
  • MSSP helps fill gaps while implementing new technologies and helps obtain a wide range of data from various resources by proactively managing security vulnerabilities & uncovering cyber threats. It also helps manage system security posture and controls critical vulnerabilities caused by cyber attackers by evaluating gap analysis.
  • It constantly monitors large amounts of sensitive data by observing the behaviour of hackers. Any detection in breaches and disturbances is responded quickly. It prevents theft of sensitive data that can potentially ruin a business.
  • The most important use of a managed security service provider is 0 false positives which means it constantly provides you alerts that reduce the possibility to miss any possible threat go unnoticed. MSSP also offers solutions that increase action-oriented insight and response efficiency.
  • It helps in achieving compliance in no time by critically and constantly monitoring every organization’s compliance level for regulatory purposes and conducting on-demand auditing to help adapt organizations to new regulatory laws and practices and improve existing privacy laws.

How does a Managed Security Service Company secure your organization?

MSSPs primarily focus on cyber security control and safety by establishing a Security Operations Center (SOC), which is responsible for protecting the Networks, Applications, Databases, Servers, etc. 24/7 from cyber threats and encouraging the organization to perform daily business activities smoothly & achieve business growth.

What Kinds of Services do MSSPs Offer?

An MSSP provides a large number of security capabilities and services. It may specialise in one or a few core focus areas, such as IAM or privilege management. 

MSSP services include:

  • Risk assessments and gap analysis
  • Policy development and risk management
  • Solution scoping, implementation 
  • Solution/tool research and requisition
  • Management of security systems and updates
  • Configuration management
  • Reporting, auditing, and compliance
  • Training and Education

How does MSSP ensure successful customer partnerships?

  1. It highlights all the industry experience and certification, a company has, which gives customers an idea of its services and capabilities. This eventually helps in gaining customer loyalty.
  2. It offers custom reports that give customers an insight into its day-to-day operations and a better understanding of its productivity and efficiency.
  3. It ensures customers that the company is using updated cybersecurity technologies to protect their sensitive data from any cyber attackers that help build trust in the customer.

We can conclude that hiring a good managed security service provider (MSSP) in ahmedabad can greatly improve organisation’s efficiency. One such provider is Cyber Octet. They are home to testing experts who deliver continuous protection of data for their clients.