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Our Services

Web Application Penetration Testing

Through Web Application Penetration Testing, Cyber Octet has been helping uncover security risks at enterprises and equip them to meet compliance requirements.

Network Penetration Testing

Cyber Octet is here to use its unique visibility and independent expertise to help identify and tackle your network vulnerabilities. We ensure our client businesses have an enhanced security posture, run at reduced risk, while possessing an improved operational efficiency.

Vulnerability Assessment and penetration Testing (VAPT)

At Cyber Octet, we provide secure implementation, as well as maintenance of the IT infrastructure for our client companies, as part of our security assessment service.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Cyber Octet is home to Testing Experts who deliver continuous protection of data for all our client companies. We make sure that our comprehensive digital security solutions span the IT infrastructure, on-premise, as well as the cloud infra, so as to swiftly respond to any security incident.

Secure Software Development Services

When it comes to developing any product, the Development Process has to be 100% secure. We help you integrate the right security practices into your software development lifecycle. Our consultants guide as to how you can verify the security of internally-developed apps before you deploy them.