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Certified Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training Course in Ahmedabad

Looking to Stand out from the Crowd? Want to be the Best from the Rest? Allow us to present a Course for Data Protection Officer (DPO) by Cyber Octet.

Rapid technological advancement and a reliance on data to fuel business and innovation have increased possible threats and risks to individual privacy. Privacy is emerging as a major threat and subject of concern over a period with advancement of the technologies. There is a significant rise in the Data Breaches across different known and not so known companies around the globe affecting billion of personal data of customers and loss of trillions of dollars to Organisations.

The identification of the regulations to which they are subject based on the types of data they handle and the areas in which these laws are applicable, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the India Data Protection Framework, etc., is now a significant challenge for organisations. managing privacy issues.As a result, there is a strong need to create and implement rules and regulations requiring compliance from every organisation that accepts, stores, transfers and processes data from Indian customers or other customers globally where such laws (data privacy and protection laws) already exist and soon to be announced.

  1. What is Data Security?
  2. Why Data Security is Important?
  3. What is Privacy?
  4. Why Privacy is important?
  5. What is Data protection?
  6. Difference between data protection, data security and data privacy?
  7. Introduction to building a culture of privacy and security?
  8. Understanding and prioritizing data security and data privacy?
  9. Data Protection Implementation Control
  10. International Compliances for Data Protection and privacy
  11. Governance and Its Importance
  12. Understanding of the origins and development of data privacy and protection laws
  1. Global Privacy Standards and Compliance
  2. Principles of Data privacy
  3. Key Elements for Privacy
  4. Privacy concerns and solutions
  5. GDPR compliance
  6. GDPR Responsibilities
  7. Principles of GDPR
  8. Legal grounds of GDPR
  9. Privacy by Design
  10. Privacy Impact Assessment
  11. Technical and Organizational measures
  12. Data Subject Rights
  13. Breach Notification
  14. Role of Data Protection Officer and Privacy experts
  15. How to build a privacy program

Common Subjects

Who can attend :  Bachelor’s, Master’s and Professional from any domain

Job Opportunities

  • Data Security Analyst
  • Privacy Compliance Officer/Manager
  • Data Security or Privacy Architect
  • VP – Data Security
  • Privacy Leader
  • Director – International Privacy
  • Chief Privacy Officer
  • Data Protection Officer

Benefits of Programme

Duration :  20 Hours

Contact: Mr. Darshan Pathak (+91-7405321234 or [email protected])

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