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We are Cyber Octet Pvt. Ltd., a prominent player in the field of cyber security. Recognized as one of the Top 25 Promising Cyber Security Companies in India by Silicon Magazine, we have been dedicated to safeguarding individuals and organizations since our establishment in 2011.

Notably, our students and the Cyber Octet team have discovered vulnerabilities in renowned companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and other Fortune 500 companies, highlighting our expertise and contribution to the industry.

Trust Cyber Octet Pvt. Ltd. to protect your digital assets and empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the ever-evolving cyber landscape.









- Our Top Courses -

Best Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Courses

we take pride in our distinctive training programs, which seamlessly integrate hands-on tasks, research and development, and assignments into our comprehensive full-day training schedules. By offering a practical and technology-specific approach, we enable current industries to reap the benefits and stay ahead in the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

Advance Diploma in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

(Duration : 12 Months)

Master Advanced Vulnerability Assessment & System Penetration Techniques. Clear interviews at ease! Become an expert with the Best  Ethical Hacking Course in Ahmedabad.

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Certified Professional
Ethical Hacker

(Duration : 2 Months)

Ethical hacking involves an authorized attempt to gain unauthorized access to a computer system, application, or data. Carrying out an ethical hack involves duplicating strategies.

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Learn How To Safeguard Data And Information Systems From Hackers!

Today’s globally connected world makes everyone more susceptible to cyberattacks. Advanced Diploma in Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security is a basic course offered by us at Cyber Octet that offers the ultimate solution if you’re interested in cybersecurity as a career or just wish to learn about protecting your personal data online. You will learn to examine cyber dangers & trends in a manner that will be important to YOU. For instance, you’ll learn about the difficulties that businesses, governmental agencies & universities face today while learning how to safeguard your privacy online. There are no prerequisites!

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What Our Students & Clients Say About Us

  • Farhan Mohammed
    According to me, the best institute and training center for cyber security and ethical hacking.✨👌🏻
    Farhan Mohammed
  • Arsh Patel
    Good teaching methodology , Falgun Sir is great 👍
    Arsh Patel
  • Vishwash Tank
    Extensive Teaching in the field of cyber security and If you are starting or thinking to join the cyber World then Falgun Sir will be your greatest mentor Beleive me!!!😃
    Vishwash Tank
  • Shwet Patel
    Good place to learn cybersecurity and gain deep knowledge of cybersecurity with prectical. Authority is supportive and being helpful when you got stuck somewhere.
    Shwet Patel
  • Neal Trivedi
    Cyber Octet's cybersecurity class exceeded my expectations! The instructors were highly knowledgeable and engaging, making complex topics easy to understand. The hands-on exercises were invaluable for practical learning, and I now feel more confident in my cybersecurity skills. I highly recommend Cyber Octet to anyone looking to delve into the world of cybersecurity.
    Neal Trivedi
  • Kathan Joshi
    Cyber Octet's cybersecurity training is unparalleled. Their well-structured program combines in-depth theoretical knowledge with immersive hands-on exercises, guided by seasoned experts. I gained invaluable insights into the evolving threat landscape and effective defense strategies. Without a doubt, the ultimate choice for mastering cybersecurity skills.
    Kathan Joshi
  • Pratima Shah
    One of the best place to getting professional training in cyber security, exploring various live practical task, discover the industrial knowledge that drives you at higher level of the position so what are you waiting for? I personally suggest to join cyber octet and get training with Falgun Rathod
    Pratima Shah
  • Deepaksharma

    Deepak Sharma

    I am thankful to Cyber Octet for giving me service for securing my websites and client data , They are simply the best and they provide best support. I would love to recommend them."
  • PeterDenteh

    Peter Denteh Wih-Sika

    Systems & Security Engineer - Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
    "Cyber Octet provides security training & complete solutions in this cyber world. I am a beneficiary. The knowledge and skills, tool with simulation exercises is invaluable. Experience trainners with humility. Entire staff at Octet are amazing people to have fun and be with. No other place to train than CYBER OCTET."
  • Drnikunj

    Dr. Nikunj V. Tahilramani

    Assistant Professor - Adani Institute of Infrastructure Engineering
    "Mr. Falgun and his team conducted sessions on live ethical hacking at our institute Adani Institute of Infrastructure Engineering. for our first year newly admitted students in engineering. The sessions were really knowledgeable and the demonstration of live ethical hacking was quite interesting and elegant. The way of expatiation to first year students was very much impressive with nice practicality approach in it."
  • Jayeshsanghani

    Jayesh Sanghani

    Sr. Android Developer 
    "Cyber Octet is leading Organisation, They conducted my Mobile Applications Security Assessment and they provided with me Managerial and very detailed report as well as they performed testing during Weekend which no other company does. I am Thankful to the Team of Cyber Octet."
  • EwaDudzic

    Ewa Dudzic

    Managing Editor - BSD Magazine
    "It is a great pleasure for me to recommend Falgun Rathod. He is very much involved in his work. He is very persistent and he goes above and beyond what his job description says he
  • Drskrishnan

    Dr. S Krishnan

    Assistant. Professor - Jaipur National University
    "One of the best companies to be in. This is one place where one can learn about the concepts of ethical hacking and training is given with relation to cyber security matters. Today ' s world is about technology these days. Ever since I was a Journalist in Ahmedabad, I had visited this place. Training were given to students who had engineering background and were given placements. I had learnt a lot great deal on cyber crimes and preventive measures were taken to stop cyber crimes. This company also is in law enforcement agencies in solving matters of national security. One should pay a visit to this company and learn.".
  • Chitrangpatel

    Chitrang Patel

    Executive - Lending Cart Finance
    "Cyber Octet is the only Best Cyber Security Company, I had visited many companies but this one helped me on weekend and supported me to resolve my issues. Falgun and his team are so dedicated to provide all kind of cyber security solutions with actual 24*7 service and so kind as well.s, I recommend Cyber Octet for Training and Services of VAPT."
  • Durgeshbhagariya

    Durgesh Bargariya

    Regional Head - Manpower 
    "Falgun - Cool, Calm and Sober personality with Focused mindset. Though he is from IT Security but even a smallest problem which related with IT (Hardware/Software), he is dedicate to complete that task. Even after being experienced & Managerial level personality he is Humble & down to earth with accurate skill set. I wish him all the best for his Future."
  • Drmukesh

    Dr. Mukesh Sharma

    Assistant Director(Physics Division) - State Forensic Science Laboratory 
    "It is my pleasure to write some thing about Falgun Rathod. We have very few discussion and online friends. But, as much as I can brief him as a good cyber expert and supportive worker at all time. He is having depth knowledge of his work and enthusiastic in executing job. He will be very fruitful for any agency or company, where he will be selected. I wish him best of luck for his future."
  • Ankit

    Ankit Moradia

    ICT Manager - CU RISE Analytics LLP 
    "Cyber Octet is one of the best institute for cyber security training and i am very amazed and fruitful to be a part of the Cyber Octet family. It is the best platform from where you can start your career in cyber security field. I would strongly recommend you to join the Cyber Octet, Trust me you will learn alot here."
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What Kind of Students Are We Looking For?

You will need to communicate with other departments and keep them informed of what is going on whether you work for a business, a law enforcement agency, or the government itself.

Every day, new security dangers emerge, and in order to keep on top of them and learn how to counter them, you’ll need to frequently deepen your education.

The greatest candidates for jobs in cybersecurity are those who enjoy detective work and are inquisitive. Additionally, you ought to be a lifelong learner.

You may spend a lot of time working alone in cybersecurity, but at the same time, you’ll also need to be an excellent communicator.

Problem-solvers are necessary for those in the cybersecurity industry because there are instances when complex answers are needed. You’ll need to have the capacity to pay close attention to even the smallest details because you’ll have to monitor systems for dangers.

- Our Cyber Security Expert

Best Cyber Security Trainer in Ahmedabad

From Dropping out of College to becoming one of India’s Top Ethical Hackers

Mr. Falgun Rathod is the founder & Managing Director of Cyber Octet, a Cyber Security Company. They provide the Best Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Course in Ahmedabad. 

Falgun Rathod