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Webapp Penetration Testing in Ahmedabad

Cyber Octet has been helping uncover security risks at enterprises and equip them to meet compliance requirements. Our Web Application Penetration Testing Team provides the best web security & recognises loopholes that cyber attackers can exploit.

Comprehensive Study of the Application

  • Our security testers gain thorough understanding of the application. They unbox every application to understand its functionality, business case, user profiles, and the code base.
  • The experts at Cyber Octet think beyond what it was designed for, and think like attackers to stop potential attacks.

Creating a Unique Threat Profile

  • Cyber Octet doesn't believe in using a generic threat profile to carry out any security test plan.
  • Our web application security testers work tirelessly to first create a comprehensive business case profile.
  • Next, they explore every possible threat and vulnerability before creating a threat profile.
  • The final step before moving on to the next stage is - taking client feedback.

Creating a Test Plan and a Fix

  • Identifying potential threats is followed by exploiting them through a carefully-created security test plan.
  • The vulnerabilities are ranked or prioritized on the danger they posed, and subsequently fixed.
  • Clients are further guided on how to tackle such threats sooner in the future.
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