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Managed Security Service in Ahmedabad

Cyber Octet makes sure that our comprehensive digital security solutions span the IT infrastructure, on-premise, as well as the cloud infra, so as to immediately respond to any security incident. We are home to the Best Managed Security Service Providers who deliver continuous protection of data for all our clients.

Security Device Management

  • Our team of security consultants drive operational excellence with Security Device Management.
  • We provide support to our client businesses to make sure their assets are always protected, and their compliance requirements are always maintained.

Real-time Threat Detection Services

  • The threat detection service we provide in real time, is unparalleled.
  • We're able to accurately detect sophisticated threats through a mix of comprehensive threat intelligence and focused monitoring.

Vulnerability Management Services

  • Cyber Octet is known for its excellence in providing web security as a service to startups and major organizations, alike.
  • Through a comprehensive full lifecycle vulnerability management, we minimise the overall exposure of a business to threats.
  • Our security testers ensure increased protection and a stronger compliance for each of our clients.
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