How to Make Smart Cities Less Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Nowadays, everything is digital! It’s not surprise that the modern cities we live in are referred to as Smart Cities! We now have improved social, environmental, and economic sustainability because to our increased Internet access and digital intelligence. The difficulty for smart cities is to meet the demands of a populace that is tech savvy and constantly wants to be connected to the world around them while keeping people safe online. Another reason behind this that many people take Cyber security course in Ahmedabad and are more than aware about the Digital World.

The Problem

Cities today have a very clear goal: Either they want to become smart cities, or if they already are, they want to become even smarter. More exciting than any notable race in sporting history is the race to establish IoT networks to improve the city development process. But the same cities seem to be crawling when it comes to spending money on Internet security.

Through Cyber security course in Ahmedabad you’ll get to know that Smart cities have interdependent & often complex Networks of Systems, Devices as well as users to depend upon. Any security effort that fails to address Vulnerabilities across such networks, that involve a broad array of industries such as:

Public safety
Energy & Utilities
Telemedicine are futile

We are talking about threats that can steal Personal Information, cripple industrial control systems, hold systems for ransom, manipulate sensor data, hack communication devices and whatnot. The problem therefore, comes down to Poor Encryption Key Management / Lack of cryptographic measures / Poor understanding of social engineering / Secure device onboarding services that don’t exist

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The Solution

The more Smart Cities we have, the more we have the potential to create better City Services, Businesses and more importantly, Smarter People. But any Cyber Infrastructure is incomplete without a Proper Security Structure. A Part of improving cyber infrastructure is taking a Cyber security course in Ahmedabad.

1st Step

Device Manufacturers & Suppliers must join together with the government to develop stricter cyber legislation. The goal should be to design secure systems from the beginning. No system should be made available for purchase without thorough testing.

2nd Step

And even after installation, there should be tests to take care of any remaining unaddressed flaws. We also need the operators of smart cities to have an understanding of security issues. That is crucial if they are to successfully mitigate any risk before an incident actually occurs.

Best Practices to keep Smart City Services Safe

Complete Technology Knowledge

Before implementing any New & Innovative Technology it is better to take complete knowledge about the system and move ahead at a Preferred Pace. Understand its potential weakness and how to find quick solutions that do not hamper your operations.

Small-scale Project

Any process should be started on a modest scale and monitored to see if it can withstand malicious or cyberattacks. It ought to be used throughout the entire city if it holds up. Similar to that, if it falls apart, it shouldn’t be put into practise. Organizations can avoid severe losses by using this strategy.

Excess Dependency on Technology

One should not solely depend on one method of functioning. Keeping a copy of every data in different forms of medium is an important practice.

Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Team

Good hackers can only defeat Bad Hackers. It is important that every organisation hires a Professional team who handles and constantly keeps a check on these cyber attacks. A provider of Best Cyber security course in Ahmedabad will help you identify potential threats & also give you a Plan to tackle them in the future. This way it gets easier to find solutions before any casualties occur.

Cyber Octet is one such Organization that you can trust with providing all the Security you’ll need in order to protect your Enterprise.

Preparing yourself for the Worst

Envisioning scenarios and preparing intuition for the worst can help your business and employee to take security measures before any damage happens and protect them from these threats and attacks.


There is no doubt that the Smart Cities of today are only going to get smarter in the future; the important question is:

Whether it will be more Secure or Not?