Who is a Hacker?

Any person / individual utilising their computer, network & technical expertise to gain unauthorised access either to do crime or to save companies from malicious activities are known as Hackers. These hackers uses their abilities to achieve these following objectives:

  • To steal information or money
  • To bring down the computer systems
  • Play with network settings in order to gain passcodes
  • Committing fraudulent activities

These activities not only harm the daily operations of the organisation but also stake their growth. Usually it takes a lot of time & effort to recover the lost data which ultimately affects the reputation of the organisation and might disconnect them with their customers.

But not all hackers are bad hackers. Some hackers hack systems to protect the organisation from cyber attacks and threats. These hackers are known as Ethical Hackers whose main role is to find Weaknesses & Vulnerabilities beforehand that safeguard the privacy of the organisation.

Certified Ethical Hacker 

 Certified Ethical Hackers are trained individuals who look after the risks associated with the system of their clients and take proactive measures by identifying the vulnerabilities to further create strategies and prevent organisations from cyber crimes. You can become one by taking a good Ethical Hacking Course & Training in ahmedabad.

Ethical Hacking Career: Job Profile

A profession of ethical hacking is a full time indoor job that requires full transparency and big responsibility to identify any vulnerability within different organisations and timely protect them from various cyber attacks. Ethical Hackers can either work individually as an independent consultant or as a full time employee of the company.

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For full time job, ethical hackers can apply for the following job profiles:

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology)
  • Information Security Manager
  • Penetration Tester

The roles of this job profiles are as follows:

  • Identifying system and network loopholes
  • Ensure the safety and privacy of the data of the organisation
  • Communicate with clients and send timely reports to them after task completion
  • Thorough technical knowledge about computer tools, programming and networking
  • Simulate network security breaches of an organisation
  • Perform advance evaluation testing in computer systems
  • Give recommendations on how to combat with the risky situation 
  • Perform corrective measures to destroy any type of bug or external attackers

Available Job prospects for the Certified Ethical Hacker:

Security Engineer:

The role of security engineer is to create hardware, software and security policies and design solutions to protect computers,systems and networks from persistent cyber attacks.

Ethical Hacker:

Ethical Hackers gain authorised access from the client of computer, system and network to find the loopholes by performing different testing and give suggestions to mitigate them.

Penetration Tester:

Pen testers use various tools to examine the target website or system for the vulnerabilities based on what they are able to find during reconnaissance.

Network Security Analyst:

A Network Security Analyst plans, designs & implements various security measures by employing a range of technologies and processes them to detect and prevent computers, systems from cyber attacks.

Network Administrator:

The role of the network administrator is to manage an organisation’s computer system network which is responsible for their day to day operations and functioning which includes Local area network (LAN), Wide area network (WAN), intranet and other.

Top 5 highest paying Ethical Hacker companies in India

Paladion Networks Rs. 214,551 – Rs 509,714
Wipro technologies Ltd Rs. 101,980 – Rs 800,000
Tata consultancy services limited Rs. 290,874 – Rs 630,000
Ernst and young Rs. 316,266 – Rs 752,553
Infosys Limited Rs. 121,641 – Rs 910,630

So do you have the ability to think as an attacker? Are you confident enough to secure the computer system and network of different organisations? Then this is the right profession for you.

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