VAPT is the process of scanning an entire system to identify security flaws & understand its severity using automated or human methods. The name is self explanatory. You conduct an assessment on a system to identify vulnerability, hence the name – Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing. This process is essential for shielding an organisation’s IT ecosystem from hacker attacks & cyber dangers.

Everyone looks at Vulnerability Assessment differently. It covers a lot more various issues that are not just limited to:

  • Identifying random Vulnerability in your network
  • Protecting systems and servers from attacks
  • Look for individual Vulnerability
  • Half Yearly or yearly testing process

In reality, VAPT Audit Service Company takes the above points and a lot more into consideration while planning and protecting organisations from cyber crimes. Let’s discuss 3 processes that will give you a different insight to look at Vulnerability Assessment.

CVSS Score Ranking:

After scanning and identifying various vulnerabilities in your network, the next step is to rank these weaknesses by their CVSS score. Ranking the weaknesses helps you gain much better insights on how they can impact you and your organisation.

Attack Path:

Bad hackers no longer attack servers & systems with 1 tool. Attackers attack on multiple paths using different methods. It is important to understand that all hackers are not the same. Therefore, it is necessary to prioritise individual Vulnerability and Vulnerabilities as a whole to protect your organisation. In order to save the sensitive data it becomes a higher priority for organisations to safeguard their applications, servers, systems and ensure to use every available tool to destroy exploitations.

Vulnerability Assessment and Testing:

Generally every organisation conducts testing and assessment once or twice a year but this does not give you correct reporting at the right time. Cyber security has made it very clear to executives that timely assessment helps to monitor crimes more promptly. Regular testing gives you an up to date assessment and shows you the area of compromise beyond individual Vulnerability.

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Advantages of Vulnerability Assessment and Testing 

  • Most of the available security services are free online
  • Evaluation just takes a couple of hours to execute
  • You can set the Advance feature to conduct a scan regularly without manual participation
  • Vulnerability Scanner performs almost all the best possible Vulnerability scans
  • Less risks improves performance & minimises costs.

Types of VAPT Testing

Host Assessment:

This scan uses host based tools to identify vulnerabilities in your critical servers by loading mediator software in the target system. This scan gives you a transparency on examined structure patch history and configuration settings.

Network Assessment:

This scan fixes the open ports in an IP address to prevent networks from potential future risks and unauthorised access. The assessment also checks the regulatory compliance of the private and public organisations.

Database Assessment:

This scan protects the organisation from malicious activities by the attackers who can destroy or steal the sensitive information without authorization.

Application Scan:

This scan is done regularly on the front end of their source code to remove software vulnerabilities by fixing incorrect network configuration and identifying security threats in the web applications.

How to do VAPT Testing

Step 1: Primarily, proper recording and planning is required regarding what resources need to be used and which area of the network needs to be scanned

Step 2: By using required tools, conduct the vulnerability scan & make sure to save all the outputs

Step 3: After analysing outputs, identify the possible threats and prioritise the vulnerabilities on the basis of risks.

Step 4: Ensure to log all the findings and compile reports to make a plan for risk minimization

A Good VAPT Testing Company will help  you to easily detect possible threats and overcome the issue by destroying them early. You’ll always be on top of the game if you don’t give attackers an opportunity to break into your network.

Cyber Octet is one such Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing company in ahmedabad that helps organisations / individuals to stay one step ahead from cyber criminals by taking a proactive move before they exploit them.